Induced Seismicity and Monterey Shale Revisited

The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) annual meeting was held in Long Beach California. At the general session of the meeting Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama and the chairman of IOGCC made the opening address about the role of IOGCC in ensuring a sensible oil and gas regulation. This was followed Governor Phil Bryant (of Mississippi) and the incoming IOGCC chairman remarks. Fred Aminzadeh of USC, gave a talk on the Monterey Shale as a potential second gold rush in California, highlighting its tremendous economic potential as well as the associated technical and possible environmental challenges. The opening session was concluded by Scott Tinker, Director of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology with an update on the Barnett shale.

From right to left, Phil Bryant Governor of Mississippi,  Scott Pruitthttp Oklahoma Attorney General, Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama, Fred Aminzadeh of USC

Fred Aminzadeh addressing the IOGCC General Session

Later in the day, during the technical session of Energy Resources, Research & Technology Committee session, Fred Aminzadeh and Don Paul of USC gave a joint talk. It was titled The Induced Seismicity, intersection of Science, Public and Regulation.