Mini-Workshop on Mini-Frac with California DOGGR

USC Global Energy Network (GEN) hosted a workshop on Mini-Frac (MF) and Step Rate Test (SRT). Representatives from California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal ( visited USC to discuss some of their experience with the important topics of MF and SRT. The group included Daniel Dudak,  District Deputy, Scott McGurk and Scott Walker (supervisors) and several other engineers from DOGGR. The agenda included Prof. Aminzadeh the Director of GEN overview of the relevant GEN programs, including Reservoir Monitoring Consortium (RMC) Induced Seismicity  Consortium (ISC) and Center for Geothermal Studies (CGS). This was followed by  Prof. Birendra Jha’s overview of his group’s ongoing  technical work on MF and SRT.  Jay Huff and Rich Loverne, both Associate oil and Gas Engineers at DOGGR, highlighted the problem statement and some of their experience and ongoing technical work regarding mini-frac in California. Several USC students discussed their relevant research projects. The program was concluded after a brain storming session led by Prof. Ershaghi and looking into possible next steps for establishing sponsorship of collaboration between DOGGR and USC