Japan Oil, Gas and Metal National Corporation (JOGMEC) Delegation visits USC

On January 24th, 2018, USC Global Energy Network (GEN) hosted a workshop on USC’s past work on the Monterey Shale for a delegation from Japan Oil, Gas and Metal National Corporation (JOGMEC). The JOGMEC delegation comprised of Sunao Takagi, Director of Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division, and Shigehiro Kitamura, Geologist for Unconventional Oil & Gas Technology Division. They discussed potential collaboration with the USC Global Energy Network (GEN) for a joint project and membership at the USC Reservoir Monitoring Consortium (RMC).  

The agenda included a brief overview of the past work done by USC on the Monterey Shale (MS) by Prof. Iraj Ershaghi, Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program, followed by a talk on the Geology of MS by Dr. John Dunham, Geochemistry of MS by Prof. Hossein Alimi, Geostatistical Modeling of Shales by Prof. Mohammad Sahimi and ‘MS Reservoir Characterization & USC Report on Reserves Evaluation and Economics of MS’ by Prof. Fred Aminzadeh, Managing Director of USC Global Energy Network.