GEN 2020

The Global Energy Network (GEN) at USC is dedicated to objective analysis of energy issues and promotion of intelligent decision making and energy technology development.

GEN will accelerate its research programs on diverse sources of energy. The R&D programs of GEN, spans wide areas including the conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources, as well as geothermal, and alternative energy. GEN will continue to be a catalyst for excellence in Energy research.  GEN supports forums and constructive debate on the energy, relevant public policy issues and associated economic and environmental matters.

Dr. Fred Aminzadeh, Managing director of GEN, is leading the GEN2020 initiative which sets out to proactively gain foresight on energy matters into the year 2020.  Twenty million in funding is needed in order to launch at least 20 major energy-related projects by the year 2020.
GEN2020 main focus areas will continue to be the Energy, Environment and Economics trilogy (E-cubed). Among the programs we would like to start or further expand are:

  1. Special outreach program with the three prong focus on Energy, Environment and Economics (E-Cubed)
  2. Complementary aspects of   Energy and Water Exploration and Production
  3. Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing  in a California Field to Ensure  Safety and Efficiency
  4. Intelligent CO2 Monitoring System: Enhance Oil Recovery
  5. In-Situ Stress in Hydrofracking
  6. Well Integrity Studies  and Prediction / Early Detection of Cracks in the Cement
  7. Risk Assessment for Groundwater Contamination from Well Casing Failure
  8. Next Generation Visualization for real time monitoring
  9. Effective re-habitation of mature / orphan oil fields
  10. Development of hybrid energy system (natural gas, geothermal, solar and wind)
  11. Key issues for deep water exploration and production
  12. E-Cubed Fellowship program on Energy, Environment and Economics
  13. Risk Assessment for Hydraulic Fracture Fluid Injection.









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