Upcoming Short Course on Advanced Geophysical and Geomechanical methods for Fracture Characterization and Induced Seismicity (July 17 – 18)

The Reservoir Monitoring Consortium and Induced Seismicity Consortium at the University of Southern California will be organizing a short course titled “Advanced Geophysical and Geomechanical methods with Applications to Fracture Characterization and Induced Seismicity” on July 17 and July 18. The goal is to develop an effective scientific understanding of seismicity analysis, reservoir characterization, reservoir geomechanics and induced seismicity.

The workshop will be instructed by Dr. Thomas H.W.Goebel Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California, Santa Cruz and Dr. Birendra Jha, Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Southern California. Click here to access details of this workshop

For further details regarding the workshop and registration please contact: Prof. Fred Aminzadeh, faminzad@usc.edu